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BOGO WARS War is a bloody awful thing!  After every battle, there lay the spent

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Blog 12: Brand This!

Blog 12: Brand This!

Brand This! Entrepreneurs and franchisers are seeking to create a brand that people will buy. 

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1000 # 2 I am my market, so if I like it, everyone will like it!

I am my market, so if I like it, everyone will like it!  Genius Me

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Scott Nelowet dreamt up French Fry Heaven while on vacation in Europe with his wife. They noticed french fry stands  at almost every street corner serving french fries with toppings like vinegar and mayonnaise. He thought, “Now that idea kicks butt!” and did the American thing by bringing the fresh cut french fry, baked potato and whole white meat chicken idea back to the states and going way over the top with it! And “BAM!” French Fry Heaven was born…

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